Are you a consultant who finds it complicated or expensive to generate leads from Facebook?

Thinking something is going to change without you taking any action: won't make the problem go away and you might be out of business soon.

About Us

My best friend had a similar problem as a new entrepreneur with limited budget and knowledge in technology he approached me for help. As an online marketer for corporates I couldn’t find a solution that currently existed for his startup that was simple to use and cheap. So I created a simple solution for him and I can show you how you can have access to it too.

My friend started generating new clients at a fix cost, without having a website nor needing some complex IT System. He started getting so many new clients that he had to get someone to come help him.

I created a simple to use APP that will allow you to get new clients at a fix cost without needing a website or any complex system.

Download the app today on the App Store or Google Play and get started for free.